Mini Wardrobe 2013

Mini Wardrobe

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Well it’s done and I am pooped.  Jog on over here to give ’em a view.  Vote for me!  Voting starts Oct. 4, go here to see everyone else’s entries- so many great entries this year!


Chanel Jacket Dreams

Chanel Jacket Dreams

ThewallinnaI just joined this sewalong.  I have been working on a pinterest reference board here for sewing a Chanel type jacket.I have my fabric- a beautiful black boucle fabric with a lovely silk charmuse lining- also black.   I still need buttons, and trim.  I am thinking about making my own braided trim.  The jacket I am using for inspiration is the one above on the bottom right .

I joined Pattern Review’s mini wardrobe contest. Here is my storyboard

Mini Wardrobe

I am currently sewing the jacket.

The pattern I am using is this one- (see this post for my planning board).
I am getting a good fit.  it may be a candidate for the Chanel type jacket which I will sew next month after the contest ends

Mens Peacoat

I am currently working on a mens pea coat for my son.  I was inspired by this great blog.

I have been doing lots of research because I want to use tailoring techniques in the coat.  This will be a first for me. I have never tailored a coat before.  It shaping up to be a big project.  So far I have gathered my materials and made a first muslin.  I will be using this pattern It’s from this book.  It’s really just for the pattern as all the instructions are in Japanese. Beautiful coats though!!

I will be using this book to help me with the tailoring.

Here’s a list of my supplies.

  • 3 yards Bemberg Ambiance lining Joanns ( available online at fashion fabrics club)
  • 1 yard hair canvas-available here  (great tailoring resource!)
  • 1 yard wigan (see hair canvas link  for source)
  • 1 yard Burberry plaid twill  (for the lining upper back and pockets)

I was able to source some of my supplies locally but I wanted to included online sources here for any readers who might not live near good sewing stores.  Where I live it’s mostly just Joann’s fabrics which is not the best- but they did have the bemberg, and the wool felt for the undercollar as well as threads needles, wax etc.  I also have a small local independent shop that had hair canvas and shoulder pads as well as silk organza (for the pocket welt facing).

Some online resources for coat sewing