My New Favorite Shirt- Bethouia Pattern Hack


So I’ve got a new favorite shirt! This is my attempt to copy this shirt from FP.

Construction notes:

*rayon jersey in charcoal grey

*pattern used is Bethouia from Indie Sew

*I cut a v- neck using a favorite RTW shirt I had , I traced it onto the pattern first, then cut in my fabric.


*double raw edge at neckline

Here’s how I did it, I cut 2 bands the length of my v-neck measured at the seamline minus 1.5 inches ( to help it curve over the shoulders and lay flat overall) one band was 1 1/4″ wide, the other 1 3/8″wide. I sewed the v seam at the end of each band at 45 degree angle. Then I machine basted for 3 ” on either side of the seamlines at center front of v neck. I then hand basted the two layers of neckline together matching center seams. I then hand basted the band’s to the shirt only at center front following the machine basting lines. I pinned at center back. Then I machine sewed all 3 layers. Finished by sering edges. Then I top stitched using a double needle and wooly nylon in my bobbin. I watched this youtube video to help with the v neck finishing.

* For the twisted sleeve bands I used this tutorial cutting a 2″ band that was the same length as the sleeve cut edges plus 1/2″ seam allowances.

*for the hem I marked and pressed Up the hem 1 1/4″ to the right side. I the cut another band 1 1/2″ wide and the length of bottom of the shirt at hemline. I had to piece it so I matched the seams to the side seams of the shirt. I laid this right sides down onto the folded hem matching the folded edge with the top of the band. I then serger using a flatlock seam around this edge. I pressed the seam down giving a double raw edge hem that’s layered. One layer is the shirts self layer, the fold caught in the flatlock seam. Here’s a pic of it finished. (The shirt body is to the right and the hem is to the left, the side seam is near the bottom of the photo.)



This is a great layering piece, I plan to wear the heck out of it. Now I want to make more! I’m searching my stash for more jersey today and making another while all the details are still fresh in my mind. I have some modeled (on me ) pics but cant seem to upload them right now, will add later when technology cooperates!

Enjoy! and Happy Sewing



Completed Spring Wardrobe


Dress above is Simplicity 3678.

This post is overdue, but I completed my spring wardrobe.  I made 4 tops, 3 skirts a dress, jeans and a cardigan. The wardrobe is mix and match, so it’s very versatile. 20160331_103020-1

My Breton top with a knit pencil skirt.


Top- Simplicity 8054

Skirt- Simplicity 1072


A denim skirt with lace top.


Top- Gertie’s Portrait Neck Blouse

Skirt – New Look 6030


Self drafted blue dolman with self drafted jeans.20160331_110511-1

A silk tank and floral skirt.


Tank- Cali Faye

Skirt – Itch to Stitch


Cardigan and dress.


Dress-Simplicity 3678

Cardigan- Swoon Patterns

With these 10 pieces I can create something like 34 outfits. I am pleased with how these came out and excited that it is warm enough to wear them now! I entered these pieces in the wardrobe contest on pattern review. I didn’t win but I feel like a winner since I have this lovely new wardrobe! Thanks for stopping by to read about my sewing adventures.

Happy Sewing!



Self Drafted Boyfriend Jeans and Breton Top

jeanoutfit1jeansoutfit2jeansoutift3jeans frontjeansbackjeansside

So my first outfit is done from my spring wardrobe.  I’m feeling pretty accomplished, its so nice to finish these garments and they fit and flatter me. So Win!

The top is Simplicity 8054 that I added a yoke to.  The yoke is made from separate pieces of white jersey.

Top Details:

  • Fabric from PurpleSeamstress on Facebook- cotton jersey, check her out she has great deals!!
  • Hemmed with double needle and wooly nylon in the bobbin, gives a nice stretchy hem that looks good!
  • finished on my new serger! (yay, I just love how professional that makes my garments feel!)
  • Lengthened the pattern by 3″ but cut some away

Jeans Details

  • These are version 1.0, I plan to make more, still tweaking the fit
  • I used several pairs of RTW jeans I had as reference to draft these and my measurements
  • Drafting is hard!!
  • They are a little too large in the waist, I will take the next pair in at center back and side seams and cut a smaller waistband and possibly taper the legs a bit
  • Denim stretches a lot when its worn, something one must account for when drafting
  • This is 11 oz. non-stretch denim from Joann’s Fabric
  • I used Coats and Clark denim topstitching thread and a Top stitch needle size 16, and  I broke two!  It hard to sew through multi layers of thick denim!
  • I used regular polyester thread in my bobbin
  • They have rivets and a self designed leather patch on the back for authenticity
  • I hope to develop this into a multi-size pattern and to digitize it, an eventually make it available for sale!

I will be entering this in the Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest as well as several other items.  You can check that out here. My entry is not up yet as I am still sewing my garments, but it will be up by the end of the month when the contest ends.  I have sewn 4 tops 1 bottom and 1 dress so far.  That leaves 4 more items to make.  Its going to be a sew-a-thon to get it one next week!

I’ve got lots more spring sewing planned, you can check out my planning board here on Pinterest. Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day.  Hope you are sewing fun things too!




Dress Plan- Contest!

Dress Plan


So I am taking a break from the purple blouse to make some dresses for a contest at pattern review. The contest is one pattern many looks.  I plan to make four dresses. I am almost done with the green daisy one.  It’s not exactly like the modcloth dress, its definitely inspired by it though. I am using the vintage pattern shown in the photo above, it is Mcalls 8249, from the 1950’s.

2014 One Pattern, Many Looks Contest