My New Favorite Shirt- Bethouia Pattern Hack


So I’ve got a new favorite shirt! This is my attempt to copy this shirt from FP.

Construction notes:

*rayon jersey in charcoal grey

*pattern used is Bethouia from Indie Sew

*I cut a v- neck using a favorite RTW shirt I had , I traced it onto the pattern first, then cut in my fabric.


*double raw edge at neckline

Here’s how I did it, I cut 2 bands the length of my v-neck measured at the seamline minus 1.5 inches ( to help it curve over the shoulders and lay flat overall) one band was 1 1/4″ wide, the other 1 3/8″wide. I sewed the v seam at the end of each band at 45 degree angle. Then I machine basted for 3 ” on either side of the seamlines at center front of v neck. I then hand basted the two layers of neckline together matching center seams. I then hand basted the band’s to the shirt only at center front following the machine basting lines. I pinned at center back. Then I machine sewed all 3 layers. Finished by sering edges. Then I top stitched using a double needle and wooly nylon in my bobbin. I watched this youtube video to help with the v neck finishing.

* For the twisted sleeve bands I used this tutorial cutting a 2″ band that was the same length as the sleeve cut edges plus 1/2″ seam allowances.

*for the hem I marked and pressed Up the hem 1 1/4″ to the right side. I the cut another band 1 1/2″ wide and the length of bottom of the shirt at hemline. I had to piece it so I matched the seams to the side seams of the shirt. I laid this right sides down onto the folded hem matching the folded edge with the top of the band. I then serger using a flatlock seam around this edge. I pressed the seam down giving a double raw edge hem that’s layered. One layer is the shirts self layer, the fold caught in the flatlock seam. Here’s a pic of it finished. (The shirt body is to the right and the hem is to the left, the side seam is near the bottom of the photo.)



This is a great layering piece, I plan to wear the heck out of it. Now I want to make more! I’m searching my stash for more jersey today and making another while all the details are still fresh in my mind. I have some modeled (on me ) pics but cant seem to upload them right now, will add later when technology cooperates!

Enjoy! and Happy Sewing



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