Black Lace Peasant Top



I have managed to finish my holiday top, just after the holidays, lol!

I started it just before Christmas but the hustle and bustle left no time for sewing. Nevertheless,  I am happy to have finished it. I know I will wear this simple breezy top often, so I’m not too upset I missed my holiday deadline.

So the pattern is NL 6395 with some alterations-

  • Lower the front yoke 2.5 inches, and conversely raised the lower bodice 2.5 inches. I wanted a deeper yoke to showcase this great lace
  • I cut a size 14 for the yoke and sleeves but I cut a size 22 for the lower bodice, I wanted lots more gathers! I ended up taking it in about an inch at the waist, curving the side seams a bit
  • I cut a yoke in the back to match the front, and made the lower back fuller, to match the front
  • I cut 5 inches off the sleeves to make 3/4 sleeves
  • I used FOE to finish the neck and yoke opening, cutting off the SA and omitting the facing
  • I sewed two ribbons to tie the blouse in front instead of a button

The fabrics used were a black, one-way stretch lace from Joann’s Fabrics and a cotton/rayon crinkle gauze from Factory Fabrics in Portland. The fabric is pretty sheer so I will need to wear a cami underneath it, unlike y poor dress form you can see her bra.  Don’t worry I won’t be so scandalous, Ha!

I stay stiched the lace to keep it from stretching as the cotton/rayon was a woven. I didn’t have any problems combing a knit and a woven in this top.

Overall I am pleased with my finished garment, I can’t wait to wear it.

Happy New Year!


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