Bralette and Matching Panties

P1020045I sewed a little bralette and matching panties.  I drafted the patterns myself from my personal sloper.  Wow is that a lot of work.  I had to redraft the panties twice with lots of tweaking.  I am very happy with them now.  They feature a woven fabric center panel with stretch lace on the side. The center fabric is quilting cotton cut on the bias. This worked surprisingly well.  It has a bit of give this way and hugs the curves of the body nicely.

A detail shot


My fabric print is almost identical to this liberty print.   I have been experimenting with drafting a panty that is made out of woven fabrics, I have some silk I want to make up into panties.  My liberty fabric arrived yesterday and I’m thinking it would make nice underwear too.  The bralette was drafted from this pattern I made for a summer camisole.  I was inspired by this lingerie from The Cherry Blossom Girl (no longer available).  I believe it is made of Liberty Tana lawn. Not sure because I can’t read French very well, but isn’t it cute!

Up next summer shorty pjs from one of these fabrics.  Which one do you like?



2 thoughts on “Bralette and Matching Panties

    • Renay_ I will email you my address. I will start thinking about what to make you sew, hahaha. This should be fun, we have a similar style, yet I am looking forward to seeing what you pick for me. Email me back your address and I will send you some awesome sewing goodness.

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