Fall Inspiration

I have been sewing.  My poor little blog doesn’t really reflect that though, eh?  Well mostly due to an out of commission camera I have neglected to post here lately.  I have a new camera though so I am going to try to post more now.  I made the above collage on polyvore to organize my fall inspiration and sewing goals.  I have already made a dark floral dress like the “Picnic in the Park” dress.  Pictures and a review soon.  I am looking for inspiration for a white dress, I am debating between a shirt dress style and something simpler like a tank dress, the one above combines both of those elements which could be a good choice.  I tend to like to wear cardigans over my fall/winter dresses, so I usually prefer not to have sleeves.

I am really loving that plaid “Perthshire”  dress above and the “Falling Snow Dress”.  I guess I know what I will be sewing next, a dress!  ha ha.

I have some finished summer sewing to post, I can take pictures now that I have a camera.  I did not complete my wardrobe on time for the contest. 😦  I did finish some great summer items though, that I love.  Will try to post those later this week.


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