Finished top

I finished my first top for the wardrobe plan.  It’s  the one from the previous post “summer top inspiration“.  I really like how it came out.  It was self drafted by me using my personal sloper that I developed.  I am finding my personal sloper to be so helpful when sewing.  I use it to test drive patterns by comparing key points, like the shoulder slope and width, placement of the waistline and  bust point, length of garment etc.  It really takes the guesswork out of fitting commercial patterns.  I drafted it from my personal measurements from a book called “Now It Fits”, it’s probably out of print now but alibris or amazon probably has some available.   If your interested in learning to draft your own patterns this might be a good place to start.

Things I learned sewing this blouse

  • hand basting is a good way to make sure trim matches at the seam line
  • don’t use regular colored pencil for marking it is hard to wash off
  • shirring is a good way to loosen an overly tight fit without losing your shaping( I added a shirred panel in the center back bodice)

Detail shot


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