Fabrics and Progress

So here is a little post with pictures of fabrics for the wardrobe in previous post.  First the topsThe dark grey at top is to be the cardigan jacket M 5529.  The white fabric is a rayon knit that is completed as NL 6648.  Pictures soon, camera needs a repair. The dark blue has been replaced by a deep cherry red knit that is also completed as B5527.  I am unsure about the print fabric. I really don’t use very many prints.  I think the above fabric will be replaced with this great fabric I just ordered form Vogue Fabrics online. Isn’t it pretty? Plus the above fabric is polyester, not my favorite, while the new fabric is silk, much nicer.I am still working out patterns and rethinking choices for the other tops, the deep blue chiffon is for sure going to be the Philip Lim knockoff.

Up next, bottoms. These are pretty plain fabrics, but I really need simple basics.  The two dark grey fabrics are stretch wools, one for a pencil skirt another for the V 1051 pants. The black is a double knit for a pencil skirt ( pattern TBD).  I decided against the Jalie jeans as I don’t need them.  Instead I will be doing the V 1051 pants again in a wool denim ( not shown, I just bought it).  Have completed the first skirt, I ended up not doing the V 8426 skirt, instead I used M 5523.  I am very happy with it, Look for finished garment posts soon.


2 thoughts on “Fabrics and Progress

  1. Wardrobe contest. I just entered this week! lol. I’m still able to use items I made this month within the time frame of the contest, so I have 2 tops completed so far. Only 8 items to go!

    Actually we are making a lot of the same items, which is funny. Different versions but the same patterns at least…..great minds think a like.

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