How I “try on” clothes before I sew them


This odd looking, alien shaped creature is actually me, narrowed down to my most basic self, tee hee.  This is called a croquis and I made it of myself in order to “try on” clothes before I sew them to check shape, length etc.  If you ever loved paper dolls, this is very similar and pretty fun.  I made it by taking a photo of myself in a swimsuit, then I traced the photo onto paper by following the outer shape of my body.  I got the idea for this in Threads Magazine from Spring/Summer 06 ( see a preview of it here)  .  It is a very useful tool and I find myself using it every time I get a new pattern to test it out before cutting.  It really a great design tool.  Here is a pic of a the summer wardrobe I plan to sew, drawn from my personal croquis.


One thought on “How I “try on” clothes before I sew them

  1. I LOVED paper dolls when I was a teen – I wouldn’t cut them out or anything, but I had books and books of clothes that I designed, all in coordinating mix-n-match wardrobes on each page. These look great, and brought back memories. Now I want to try the self-tracing thing, that’s a neat idea.

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