Little Lamby



Finished Lamby from

I Love Patchwork: 21 Irresistible Zakka Projects to Sew

I love her!  She was so much fun to make. Good instructions and pattern too. She is a Christmas present for one of my nieces.


Here are some other toys I am working on.  The Waldorf boy doll was my son’s when he was little.  I revamped him as he was looking a bit shabby. I also made a mini Maileg type rabbit.  More on her later.  Suddenly obsessed with making toys. I like high quality nice homemade toys; they are a lot of work but so nice and satisfying.


This is my ‘elves’ workshop, as I like to affectionately call it.  Do you know about knolling or ABK?  It’s awesome!  Helps me keep my stuff and thoughts in order…. I am so much more efficient when I do it. The rest of that cheeky series is awesome too (10 Bullets  by Tom Sachs), it’s written for his employees, so not everything applies, but much of it is very helpful for craftspeople and creative studios.


If you too want to make some handmade toys here is some inspiration for you. This one too.

Up next, this little fox.


Dress Plan- Contest!

Dress Plan


So I am taking a break from the purple blouse to make some dresses for a contest at pattern review. The contest is one pattern many looks.  I plan to make four dresses. I am almost done with the green daisy one.  It’s not exactly like the modcloth dress, its definitely inspired by it though. I am using the vintage pattern shown in the photo above, it is Mcalls 8249, from the 1950’s.

2014 One Pattern, Many Looks Contest

African Violet

African Violet
Up next in the sewing room.  A self- drafted tunic top. Using rayon in a deep purple color.   The blouse will be collarless, with a neckband instead, loose fitting and long, with a three quarter sleeve and curved hem.  This  is a transitional piece for summer/fall.
So far the front and back are drafted and cut, had to fiddle with the neckband and front placket a bit.  Next up drafting sleeves.  Still working on how to get a good sleeve, thought I might try this technique.  Looks like it will be a good method for getting the right fit. Also, this video for the actual drafting.

Gingham Dress- Finished


Can I just say that I love this dress! It’s everything I like in a sun dress, fitted bodice, full skirt, wider straps! I love it’s fit, the fabric! Everything! Ok maybe I’m gushing a bit. Tomorrow I wear it for the first time, I can’t wait.


Bodice detail.  I will try to post pictures of me wearing it soon.

Sewing notes

  • Bodice self drafted using online pattern diagram (see this post)
  • Skirt drafted just like this dress
  • Used a shirred panel in back of dress to avoid a zipper, It just pulls on.
  • Fabric is plaid seersucker

Overall a very simple make. My favorite :)

Gingham Inspiration

Gingham Inspiration
Summer Gingham


Suddenly I decided I need a new sun dress. I just love gingham its such a classic print.  I am really glad its currently fashionable again.

  I am currently moving and extremely busy- but today I got bit by the sewing bug.  Most of my sewing stuff is in storage, but a few things are still here in my house.  Including a very nice piece of navy and white gingham seersucker.  It was 4 yards worth and plenty to make a dress.  I used the same skirt pattern as my little white dress   .  For the bodice I used this diagram   (scroll down page) and my custom bodice sloper. (one of the best things I have made, if you don’t have  sloper based on your bodies measurements I highly advise you to make one.  To find out more about how to do it look here)
I cut it out and sewed it all in one day today.  It is almost finished, just needs the bodice lining sewn in and a hem.  Look for a finished garment later this week.